5 Main Features of CNC Machining

CNC machining is already the most popular machining method at present. So do you know what are the main characteristics of CNC machining?

cnc machining

Few operating procedures

Whether it is a CNC lathe or a CNC milling machine, it generally has a tool holder and tool magazine that can automatically change tools. The tool changing process is automatically controlled by a computer program. Therefore, there is almost no need for manual tool change. Few steps and simple operation. Saves a lot of time.

high degree of automation

After completing operations such as CNC programming and machine tool settings, the machine tool starts working, a process that requires little human intervention. Fully automated production. This ensures consistent quality of the final machined parts.

High flexibility

As long as the computer program is changed and G-code programming is used, the cutting speed of the workpiece and the feeding force of the tool can be changed to achieve different cutting effects.

Strong machining ability

The strong processing capability is mainly reflected in the very high precision of CNC machined parts, and the processing accuracy can be adjusted according to customer needs. In addition, the production efficiency is high. CNC machining can produce prototypes in a matter of hours.

Many materials can be machined

Compared with 3D printing, CNC can process almost any material, not only various metal alloys, but also plastics, wood, ceramics, carbon fiber composite materials, etc.

The following are various non-standard parts we manufacture through CNC turning and milling technology:

CNC machining has irreplaceable advantages over 3D printing. If you need to mass-produce customized non-standard parts, you can choose our CNC machining services. OEM customized metal or plastic precision parts. The best CNC turning and milling parts supplier in China.

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