Selling CNC Machining Services to Manufacture Precision Parts for You



1.Upload a File

Upload your drawings. We will provide a CNC solutions accoding to your requirements.

2.Send Samples

After confirm the details, we will make a sample first and ship it to you to get approval.

3.Mass Production

After that, we start to produce products in bulk. It may take 15 days. Before that you need pay 30% fee.

4.Quality control

Strictly quality control before delivery. Make sure the product meets your requirements.

5.Pack and Ship

Packed by carton and shipped by UPS. You can specify the packing or courier company.


CNC Turning Stainless Steel Threads


  • The Cheapest Way to CNC Machine Aluminum Parts
    In aluminum processing, cutting amount is a very important aspect. In order to obtain good cutting effect and reduce manufacturing cost, the following points must be paid attention to: Feed rate should be small Feed is small, cutting speed will increase. In this way, since the cutting force and the friction coefficient between the tool
  • CNC Machining Centers and Turning Centers
    The biggest difference between CNC machining centers and turning centers is that the former is based on CNC milling machines, while the latter is based on CNC lathes. What is CNC Machining Centers? The CNC machining center is developed from the CNC milling machine. The biggest difference from the CNC milling machine is that the
  • How Does a CNC Lathe Machining a Tapered Workpiece?
    When a CNC lathe processes a tapered part, the face of the part needs to be tapered in order to obtain a real part from the model. Before tapering the model, the engineer looks at all faces that need to be tapered and have the same draft definition. CNC lathes support this process. Engineers use