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The Benefits of CNC Precision Machining Outsourcing

When we occasionally need CNC to machining precision parts, for this occasional demand, we don’t want to spend time and money to invest in building our own CNC production workshop. At this time, it is natural to consider the CNC machining OEM. This article will introduce the benefits of CNC precision machining outsourcing.

When the manufacturing industry does not have specific in-house CNC machining capabilities for precision parts, they outsource these tasks to specialized CNC machining companies. This move saves money and time. The cost of in-house machining includes expensive equipment, experienced workers, and Space to accommodate new processes. Instead, fabrication can be done with the same level of quality and a more reasonable outlay.


In CNC machining shops, businesses that specialize in the efficient production of parts use the hired company’s designs to create the project. This frees up more of the hiring company’s time and resources to grow their business or focus on their basic manufacturing processes, rather than spending time learning new equipment. The components are then branded with the hiring company’s brand.

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If the part you need is not available from existing suppliers, CNC machining may have some advantages for new start-up products. Control of new products can be documented in contractual agreements. It is always a good idea to have multiple suppliers if possible to ensure we can meet the required product delivery needs.

CNC Machining Shop Specialties: Outsourcing companies don’t have to start from scratch and keep up with the production of new parts or new products. They rely on seasoned veterans who are used to manufacturing new components to tight tolerances and precise specifications. Equipment: Using even a single CNC machine is costly and may not make economic sense if it is only used to produce a small number of parts.

Ability to scale up: If there is a sudden need for more parts due to an increase in industry or market demand, a CNC machining shop needs the ability to purchase new machines, train new employees, and put in more floor space to better take on the additional manufacturing space. Outsourcing parts in smaller batches also allows OEMs to focus on the most important parts and products that bring more business.

Quality Control: Requirements CNC machining must be done to strict tolerances and meet or exceed customer expectations. Many CNC machining plants have excellent in-house quality control and related certifications, proving their expertise.



In the past, the mechanical processing industry was relatively closed and backward, and many traditional enterprises were worried about the leakage of products and technologies, so many enterprises refused to outsource production. With the development of modern production and the improvement of complexity, outsourcing production management with technical content has become a development trend. Therefore, if an enterprise wants to become bigger and stronger, it must learn to use the support of the industrial chain and learn to use external help.Outsourcing processing conditions, in outsourcing processing, you must first select the content that needs to be outsourced. Typically, there are about five:

  • The internal processing method does not meet the requirements: In many cases, the company’s own production conditions cannot be met, and they can choose CNC processing plants for processing according to relevant standards.
  • Equipment and production capacity have reached saturation: If the company’s personnel, equipment, and production load have been seriously saturated, and reasonable arrangements can no longer be made, then processing can be outsourced.
  • Unusual Special Parts: If the company cannot manufacture the part in question and relies only on special equipment or special personnel to do so, it can outsource the production.
  • The CNC processing factory has unique technology: for some special quality requirements, if the price is reasonable, we can consider outsourcing processing.
  • Environmental requirements: When some aspects of self-production cannot meet environmental requirements, it should be sent outside for processing. For example, this product requires electroplating, but electroplating in many places has certain environmental requirements. If the enterprise does not have the electroplating qualification, it needs to outsource the electroplating process.

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