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What Are the Characteristics of Double-Sided Tape for CNC Machining

When choosing double-sided tape for CNC machining, you should analyze the actual situation, find the most suitable product, and use it in strict accordance with the production process requirements to ensure that the final product meets excellent quality standards.

Double-Sided Tape for CNC Machining

Tapes for CNC machining usually need to have the following characteristics:

High viscosity: The workpiece needs to be fixed on the processing platform during CNC machining, so it is necessary to choose a tape with high viscosity to ensure that the workpiece will not shift during the machining process.

Good high temperature resistance: During CNC machining, due to high-speed cutting or mechanical elements, the temperature of the equipment is high. Therefore, the double-sided tape needs to have high temperature resistance, and the adhesiveness and rigidity of the tape can remain stable under high temperature.

High chemical resistance: CNC machining involves a variety of processing materials, and different processing materials may have an impact on the tape. Therefore, the adhesive tape used for CNC machining needs to have good chemical resistance and be able to overcome the influence of different chemical substances on the adhesive tape.

Stable bonding force and easy peeling: During the CNC machining process, repeated bonding and peeling operations are required. Therefore, the adhesive tape used for CNC machining needs to have good peelability, which will not damage the surface and materials of the workpiece. At the same time, the bonding force of the tape must also be stable and will not be reduced due to repeated peeling.

Adaptability:CNC machining involves a variety of materials and surface shapes, so the tape used for NC machining is required to have strong adaptability, and the viscosity can be kept stable under various surface conditions.

In short, tapes for CNC machining need to have good performance in terms of viscosity, high temperature resistance to vibration, high chemical resistance, etc., to meet the requirements in the production process. Do you know what is the best double sided tape for cnc machining? In view of these characteristics, common double-sided tapes for CNC machining include 3M’s VHB series, TESA’s ACXplus series, NITTO’s No.5000NS series, etc. When selecting, it is best to choose according to the actual processing situation.