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The Best Swiss CNC Machines: Buying Guide

In the field of small size or complex process parts processing, Swiss CNC machine have excellent performance. Many CNC machining companies prefer to use CNC machine produced in Switzerland. So, do you know how to buy the best Swiss CNC machine?

Swiss CNC Machines

If you want to buy the best Swiss CNC machine, then you need to consider some key factors, here are some points for buyers to refer to:

  1. Equipment performance indicators: The performance indicators of CNC machine are very important, such as precision, rigidity, speed, worktable size, spindle speed, tool magazine capacity, etc. These parameters directly affect the production efficiency and processing quality of the equipment.
  2. Maintenance cost: The maintenance of CNC machine is essential, and factors such as equipment failure rate and maintenance cost also need to be considered. Before buying, you need to understand the after-sales service provided by the manufacturer, understand its maintenance cost and convenience, and then consider it comprehensively.
  3. The background and reputation of the manufacturing company: The Swiss machine manufacturing industry is well-known, and there are many brands and companies with good reputations. You can give priority to choosing the products of these companies. In addition, for new brands or small manufacturers, full investigation and evaluation are required before purchase, so as to avoid subsequent troubles caused by quality problems.
  4. Production demand and equipment adaptation: When selecting CNC machine, you need to choose the suitable machine model according to your own production needs, such as whether the production demand is batch or small batch production, your own configuration of machine, operating level and other factors consider.
  5. Safety and environmental protection: The safety and environmental protection of CNC machine are also one of the important factors in the selection. These factors need to be given priority when selecting machine. In the case of meeting other needs of oneself, try to choose safer and more environmentally friendly equipment.

In short, choosing the best Swiss CNC machine often requires comprehensive consideration of various factors, and evaluation and decision-making from various aspects such as performance, after-sales service, and corporate reputation.

Then, in order to help you quickly find the best Swiss CNC machine, we recommend several famous Swiss CNC machine brands to you:

  • Swiss-Swiss: Mainly engaged in high-precision and complex automatic processing machine, including CNC lathes, wave cutting machines and multi-axis boring and tapping machines.
  • Tornos: Provides a full range of CNC machine such as CNC lathes and multi-axis boring and tapping machines. Products are widely used in watch, automotive and aerospace industries.
  • Delemag: Mainly produces machine such as CNC lathes, milling machines and boring machines. The products are characterized by high precision, flexibility and reliability.
  • Fisler: Provides machine such as CNC lathes, drilling machines and milling machines. The products are characterized by high speed, high precision, high efficiency and stability.

Although the cnc swiss type automatic lathe machine has strong processing capacity and high precision of the parts produced, the size of the parts it can process is limited, and it is only suitable for machining some ultra-small and precise parts, not suitable for most parts processing, and this swiss type of cnc machine is expensive, only suitable for companies with large capital budgets, not for individuals. Here we suggest that if you only have one-time CNC machining parts needs, then look for small and medium-sized CNC machining companies with swiss CNC machine and let them machining the parts for you. Xi’an Haijing Machinery Co., Ltd. is a component manufacturer with the best Swiss CNC machine. Find global buyers who need CNC machining parts online, and support free proofing.