The Best End Mill for Titanium Parts Machining


Titanium is a difficult material to machine, so choosing the best end mill is critical for CNC machining titanium parts. End mills are the most widely used milling cutters on CNC machine tools. There are cutting knives on the cylindrical surface and end face of the end mills, which can be cut at the same time or separately. Mainly used for face milling, groove milling, stepped face milling and copy milling. So how to choose the best end mill when CNC machining titanium parts? Here are a few factors to consider when choosing the best end mill:

  • Material selection: Titanium alloy has high hardness, so it is necessary to choose a tool material with sufficient strength and wear resistance. Common tool materials include carbide, high-speed steel, and indexable inserts for end mills.
  • Cutting edge geometry: The tool geometry of an end mill has a significant impact on titanium alloy machining. Generally, larger tool relief angles, smaller feed angles and cutting angles can reduce cutting forces and friction, and reduce tool wear.
  • Selection of cutting parameters: The processing parameters of titanium alloys need to be selected accurately. Tool suppliers usually provide guidance on cutting parameters suitable for titanium alloys, including cutting speed, feed rate and depth of cut. Proper selection of cutting parameters can improve machining efficiency, reduce tool wear and prolong tool life.
  • Cooling and lubrication: Titanium alloys generate a lot of heat during machining, which can easily lead to rapid tool wear or even thermal cracking. Therefore, a good cooling and lubrication system is very important, which can improve processing quality and tool life by reducing temperature, reducing friction and wear.
  • Surface treatment: Since titanium alloy is prone to welding and welding, surface treatment can be carried out on the tool, such as tool coating (such as titanium carbide coating) and surface spraying of ceramic materials, etc., to improve the wear resistance of the tool and anti-sticking properties.

To sum up, when choosing the best end mill to process titanium parts, factors such as tool material, edge geometry, cutting parameter selection, cooling lubrication and surface treatment need to be considered. Reasonable selection of these factors can improve CNC machining efficiency, reduce costs, and extend tool life. Please choose the most suitable end mill according to the specific processing needs and cutting conditions.