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Can a CNC Machine Cut Inconel?

The ability of a CNC mill to cut a wide variety of materials with precision and efficiency has always been one of its greatest strengths. Although CNC machine tools are often used for aluminum alloys, brass and other metal materials, but for nickel-based superalloys with high strength, can CNC machine tools cut inconel?

Inconel is a nickel-based superalloy with high strength and high temperature resistance. It also provides excellent corrosion and oxidation protection. These advantages make Inconel the first choice for industries involving extreme temperatures, corrosion and mechanical stress, such as aerospace, power generation, chemical processing and marine applications.

Here are some tips for CNC machining inconel:

  • Determine proper feed and speed. As with any project, determining the correct feed and speed will have a major impact on the outcome of the job. This is especially important for Inconel as it is a harder metal and therefore has a much larger “sweet spot” for optimum feed and speed than aluminum, brass, etc. Be sure to take your time when cutting Inconel to avoid excessive chipping of the workpiece or causing the edge to stick to the cutter during execution. But be careful not to slow down too much, as this may cause the tool to rub against the workpiece instead of cutting.
  • use the correct knife. The range of CNC machining tools for any given project is seemingly endless, varying according to size, type, material, and several other factors. Carbide milling cutters usually work best when machining inconel because of their ability to handle the high rotational speeds on the job. You might be tempted to use HSS drills or even cobalt drills, but in many cases these materials will not work to the desired level when machining inconel. Although high-speed steel drills have high heat resistance and wear resistance, they are still more prone to dulling due to heat and friction than carbide drills.
  • use spray system. Using Inconel on a CNC machine can generate incredibly high temperatures as one metal cuts another at high speed. Using a misting system is a great way to help cool the drill as it travels through the material, and also provides much-needed lubrication to help minimize sticking. This will also help extend the life of the drill bit and workpiece while maintaining the integrity of the material.

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