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7 Tips to Get Cheap CNC Machining Service

Are you looking for cheap CNC machining service worldwide? Although there are many factors that affect CNC machining quotes, we can avoid expensive CNC machining services through some techniques. But before starting the text, do you know what are the main factors that affect the price of CNC machining services?


The main factors affecting the quotation of CNC machining services are the selection of processing materials; processing quantities; part size and structure; required tolerances of parts; equipment used in production; and additional processing and finishing processes.

In this blog post, we’ll take a comprehensive look at how to get cheap CNC service! From how to choose cheaper alternative materials and streamline part design to optimizing machining processes, we’ll break down how to get affordable CNC service quotes from manufacturers.


There are many factors that affect your CNC machining quotation, but this article focuses on how to obtain a cheap quotation for CNC machining. Here are 7 tips you can take to get a cheap CNC machining quote:

  1. Providing Detailed 3D Drawings
  2. Increase Quantity
  3. Choose Cheaper Alternative Materials
  4. Find the Real Source CNC Machining Factory
  5. Remove Unnecessary Tolerance Requirements
  6. Reduced Surface Finish Requirements
  7. Establishing Long-Term Cooperative Relationships with Suppliers

Providing Detailed Drawings to Your CNC Machining Supplier

Detailed CNC machining drawings usually show the internal and external structure of the part, but also need to be dimensioned. The purpose of this is not only to reduce the processing time of CAD drawing and pre-programming but also to help CNC masters quickly produce prototypes. technical drawings are critical to CNC machining as they provide the operator with a visual reference and guide the machine in creating the final product. This helps the operator understand the design of the part and how to machine it. Technical drawings are essential to ensure parts are produced correctly and meet required specifications. Technical drawings are widely used in CNC manufacturing to improve communication of technical requirements between designers engineers and manufacturers. They provide a common language for all parties involved in the manufacturing process.

Increase Your Order Quantity

Although CNC manufacturing services are ideal for low-volume custom processing. However, increasing the quantity of products you need to process can lower the unit price of the product. CNC machining is a mechanical movement that can be repeated. As long as the first product(prototype) is perfectly manufactured, subsequent operations can be mass-produced simply by copying the previous operations. Therefore, if you want a cheap CNC service quote, the quantity must be high.

Choose Cheaper Alternative Materials

There are many types of materials that can be used for CNC machining, and they involve many models. Therefore, you can definitely choose cheaper materials as an alternative. For example, 65 manganese steel is a very rare metal material. The customer requested to use 65 manganese steel as a CNC machining material, but he did not know that 65 manganese steel is a very rare hard metal. Not only that, this hard metal is used Before starting cutting, heat treatment and other processes are required to adjust its mechanical properties. Such material choices will only increase the price of CNC machining. Therefore, if you are not a particularly professional CNC machining technician, please refer to the alternatives provided by the manufacturer. As a CNC machining parts manufacturer, we will consider how to save processing costs for you in all aspects, including how to choose materials that are cheap but meet your performance requirements.

Looking for a Real CNC Machining Factory

A true source CNC machining factory can save a lot of intermediate costs. There are many fake CNC machining companies on Alibaba. These companies usually do not have their own CNC machining workshops. Instead, they hand over the processing tasks of parts to third-party source factories, and then earn the price difference themselves. Xi’an Hi-Precision Machinery Co., Ltd is the real source CNC processing factory. We have our own CNC machine tools and production lines. Do you want to visit the inside of our factory? Please contact us.

Remove Unnecessary Tolerance Requirements

Tolerance is one of the main factors that affects the price of CNC machining. Generally, the higher the accuracy requirements for parts and the smaller the tolerance, the more expensive the CNC machining service will be. However, measuring the quality of CNC machining products does not mean that the smaller the tolerance and precision, the better. Many parts are used in environments that don’t require micron-level accuracy, but people don’t believe this. From the perspective of saving the budget for CNC machining services, we suggest that tolerances and accuracy should meet the requirements of the application environment. People should pay more attention to the hardness and toughness of the parts, as well as the wear resistance and corrosion resistance.

Reduce Your Requirements for Part Surface Finish

Surface finish is highly dependent on the process used to manufacture the part. Therefore, cheap CNC parts often have matte surfaces. This is mainly due to the difference in CNC machining technology. However, not all parts require a good surface finish. For mechanical metal parts used outdoors, a high surface finish is not required. Such parts should pay more attention to their accuracy, tolerance, and other related mechanical properties. Such as screws, nuts, fasteners, etc.

Establishing Long-Term Cooperative Relationships with Your Supplier

Long-term supplier relationships can reduce CNC machining service quotes. As the relationship develops, both parties can look for areas of integration of existing products and services, as well as the potential addition of new products and services. This helps generate greater cost efficiencies and enables the business to grow and develop. and helps ensure timely and consistent delivery of goods and services. When a business builds strong relationships with its suppliers, it creates a level of trust and mutual understanding that helps ensure reliable and consistent supply. Long-term relationships provide buyers with the opportunity to engage suppliers in a continuous improvement process. Over time, this can lead to better products, services, and processes that help drive business growth.

These are the tips on how to get cheap CNC machining services. At present, China has become the world’s largest CNC processing market. China’s CNC processing companies continue to introduce equipment and talents from developed countries such as the United States and Germany, and have become a world-wide CNC processing outsourcing factory, because the total cost of CNC processing in China is compared to Countries such as the United States, Britain, Germany, and France are already very cheap.