What is CNC Material?

CNC materials are an essential part of the CNC machining process. But the phrase CNC material involves three levels of meaning in a strict sense. Then this article explains CNC materials from three dimensions.

Material used in CNC machining part

The materials used for CNC manufacturing parts usually refer to the blanks that have been formed, such as bar stock and sheet stock. Common CNC machining part material types include aluminum, steel, copper, titanium, etc. Among them, aluminum and steel are the most common CNC materials. The various alloys formed by these two materials are split into various alloy materials. Usually, we will choose the appropriate material according to your performance requirements for the part.

Materials for CNC machine

The materials used for CNC machine refer to the materials used in the manufacture of CNC machine. A CNC machine is a complex whole, and in addition to the coated metal casing you see, the materials used for the parts used inside are also different.

Materials used for CNC machining tools

We all know that CNC knives of different materials have different cutting forces. CNC cutting tools are tools used for cutting in mechanical manufacturing, also known as cutting tools. Cutting tools in a broad sense include both cutting tools and grinding tools; at the same time, “CNC tools” include accessories such as tool holders and tool handles in addition to cutting blades! According to the materials used in the manufacture of knives, it can be divided into: high-speed steel knives; cemented carbide knives; Diamond tools; other material tools, such as cubic boron nitride tools, ceramic tools, etc. From the cutting process, it can be divided into turning tools, including outer circle, inner hole, thread, cutting, grooving tools, etc.; drilling tools, including drills, reamers, taps, etc.; boring tools; milling tools, etc.

Back to our topic: CNC material. Although there are three different interpretations of CNC materials, in a general sense, what we call CNC materials refers to the first one, that is, the materials used for CNC machining parts. We have listed a list of common CNC materials for you. Each CNC material has unique properties. Which one can meet your needs?

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