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The Most Widely Used CNC Machines for Automotive Industry

Some friends asked, are there any special CNC machine used in the automotive industry? In fact, many CNC machines can be used for the machining of auto parts, so today we mainly list the 3 most common CNC machines for automotive industry.

CNC lathe

CNC lathes are one of the more widely used CNC machines and can be used to manufacture auto parts. However, CNC lathes are mainly used for turning inner and outer cylindrical surfaces of shaft-type auto parts or disc-type auto parts, inner and outer conical surfaces with arbitrary cone angles, complex rotary inner and outer curved surfaces, cylinders, and conical threads. etc., can be used for grooving, drilling, reaming, reaming, boring, etc.

The emergence of CNC lathes has opened up a broad road for fundamentally solving the problem of batch manufacturing of auto parts, so it has become an important processing equipment in auto machining.

CNC Milling machine

CNC milling machine is a CNC machine tool with strong processing functions. Rapidly developed machining centers and flexible processing units are all produced on the basis of CNC milling machines and CNC boring machines, both of which are inseparable from milling methods. The CNC milling process is complicated, which perfectly solves the precision problem of complex auto parts. Moreover, the CNC milling machine makes up for the technical problems of the CNC lathe when processing auto parts. CNC milling parts have strong adaptability and flexibility, and can process parts with particularly complex contours or difficult to control sizes, such as mold parts and shell parts.

Wire Electrical Discharge Machining

Wire EDM belongs to the category of electrical machining. Wire EDM can be divided into three categories according to wire speed: fast wire, slow wire and vertical self-rotating wire EDM. Wire cutting is mainly used for stamping die processing, metal auto parts cutting, etc.


These 3 devices are the most widely used CNC machine tools in the automotive industry. Almost all precision parts manufacturing problems involved in the automotive industry can be solved by these CNC machine tools. Most of the time, though, you don’t need to spend a lot of money on these expensive equipment. Instead, look for CNC machining services provided by other companies to help you complete the manufacturing of auto parts. CNC machining in China is a highly competitive industry, and finding a reliable China CNC machining company is very easy.