Why Can’t You Buy Cheap CNC Machine

In recent years, with the strength of various companies and the improvement of customer requirements, more and more CNC machining factories will choose the latter between price and quality when purchasing CNC machine. But there are also factories that choose to buy cheap CNC machine in order to save money. Can I buy cheap CNC machine? Let’s talk about it below: Why can’t we buy cheap CNC machine.

buy cheap cnc machine
buy cheap cnc machine

Buying a cheap CNC machine can get you bad results:

  1. The machining accuracy is low. Part tolerances are the primary concern of most customers. From the accuracy of the parts, you can judge the quality of a factory’s CNC machining capabilities. This is also the decisive factor in whether buyers of CNC parts will continue to order products from your factory in the later stage.
  2. Machines can develop minor problems and are constantly in need of repairs. The maintenance cost of CNC machine is very expensive, not to mention the accumulated costs many times. Instead of this, it is better to buy a brand CNC machine with quality assurance.
  3. No after-sales service or bad after-sales experience. Cheap CNC machine generally do not have after-sales service. If there is a problem within less than 3 months of purchase, you have to consider yourself unlucky.
  4. Low resale value. There is also a hidden risk of buying cheap CNC machine that they cannot be resold, because no one may buy them, or you need to sell them at an ultra-low price, after all, the used CNC machine will be greatly discounted.

The above are the 4 main reasons why you can’t buy cheap CNC machine tools. Compared with buying cheap CNC machine tools, you might as well find cooperation with OEM CNC machining factories. There are many large and small CNC machining companies all over the world, they provide online parts OEM services, maybe you can try to contact them for CNC machining services.

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