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Is the MR1 CNC Mill Worth Buying

The mr1 CNC mill is the latest 3-axis CNC milling machine launched by langmuirsystems suitable for amateurs or entry-level entrepreneurs. It can be used to cut aluminum alloy steel. The official price of the basic version is $4495. So, is this such a cheap mr1 CNC milling machine really worth buying?

It is recommended that everyone watch the official YOUTIBE video before purchasing the MR1 CNC milling machine:

Reviews about MR1 CNC mill

Langmuir Systems’ official reasons for purchase: The MR-1 has the strength and rigidity to remove 30 pounds of steel per hour, as well as the accuracy and precision to maintain tight tolerances. And the base model starts at just $3,995.

It’s no secret that many large CNC machine tool manufacturers ignore the importance of smaller CNC machines and often offer only poor customer service even when they launch low-priced CNC machines for individual hobbyists. Langmuirsystems seems to be well prepared. The MR1 CNC milling machine they launched not only includes the core machine, but also includes some necessary additional functions, such as: high-definition touch screen and machine controller PC suite, MR-1 sheet metal shell, MR- 1’s complete flood cooling system, precision leveling kit, PC stand, MR-1 CNC Gantry Mill fully assembled and ready to go, high power driver upgrade, workholding-vise, electronic contact probe, automatic tool setting instrument, dial test indicator with base, tool setter and probe set, 120V spindle transformer, precision ER20 chuck set, ferrous metal end mill set, thread milling cutter set and other related accessories. And all of them have perfect after-sales service.

In the comment area of the above video, we can see several compliments about the MR1 CNC milling machine:

That’s impressive he was able to get that accurate with a tape measure……lol


Wow, straight from the machine to the install, no cleaning or post processing needed! A miracle.


This is impressive. Great price point for what looks like a capable machine for a home machinist or light industrial work.


From the comment area of the video, we can see that most people have very high expectations for the MR1 CNC milling machine. It can be seen that this is a very cost-effective mini CNC milling machine, which is very suitable for buyers who are looking for a cheap small CNC machine tool. The MR1 CNC milling machine is not only cheap, but also can almost meet the needs of home CNC machining projects.

As for whether the MR1 is worth buying, the answer is obvious. I believe many people can’t believe that you can buy a CNC milling machine with such a high performance for only 4,000 US dollars. But langmuirsystems did it.

Although the price of the MR1 CNC milling machine is very low, many people still cannot afford it. For this group of people, we recommend that you look for third-party CNC machining outsourcing services. We are a professional CNC milling parts manufacturer. Our factory has a variety of advanced CNC milling machines and can produce all kinds of precision mechanical parts for you. Please contact us if necessary.