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Black Friday CNC Machining Products 50% off Promotion

Black Friday is synonymous with soaring consumer demand, providing unique challenges and opportunities for merchants across all industries. In the months leading up to this, the surge in manufacturing needs was huge, and CNC machining technology was central to meeting those needs. XI’AN HI-PRECISION MACHINERY CO., LTD is a company specializing in providing CNC machining parts services. We have been continuously producing and manufacturing various non-standard parts for buyers from various industries around the world.

In the electronics industry, the Black Friday wave is more of a marathon than a sprint. For months, our factories have been operating at maximum capacity, producing accessories for smartphones, laptops and other high-demand products. Our CNC machining services play a vital role in this continued surge in production, ensuring that every part meets the industry’s strict precision and quality standards. Similarly, the CNC machining services we provide are also used to produce medical device accessories, aerospace components, military and defense parts, etc.

As Black Friday approaches, the role of CNC technology in expanding production across industries is becoming increasingly noticeable. Quality CNC parts and service allow us to confidently meet the challenges of this critical time. By participating in the Black Friday event, you can enjoy a half-price discount on CNC machining products, which means that during this period, you can enjoy a 50% discount on all products ordered from our company.

The Black Friday shopping carnival will come on November 24, 2023. To express gratitude to new and old customers, our company has launched a 50% off CNC machined product promotion, and pre-sales are starting now.

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Customers who want to participate in CNC Black Friday activities please read the following content carefully.

We are a CNC processing service provider focusing on export trade. We provide high-quality CNC processing services to companies and individuals around the world, helping our customers design and manufacture products that comply with ISO9001 standards. This mainly refers to CNC machined products: parts or prototypes.

The price of CNC machining services involves multiple factors: process, material, machine, drawing, accuracy, etc. CNC machining is a processing method for producing parts, mainly used in aerospace, electronic medical, automotive hardware and other industries. On Black Friday 2023, customers in all these industries can enjoy a 50% discount on CNC machining services when working with us.

The CNC machining clothing we provide you on Black Friday 2023 includes:

  • For orders over US$100,000, CNC turning services will be discounted at 50%, regardless of material;
  • For orders over 1,000 pieces, CNC milling services will be discounted at 50%;
  • New customers enjoy free samples.

All the above activities are only available on Black Friday 2023.