1911 Barrel CNC Machining Parts

There are several resources online that demonstrate 1911 barrel CNC machining parts. For example, a video on YouTube shows the process of machining an APX pistol barrel using a Rapido B438-SY2 machine. Another video shows the process of using a CNC milling machine to punch two 3/16″ holes in the barrel of a 1911 open match gun. However, it is important to note that building a 1911 pistol from scratch using CNC machinery requires a significant amount of experience and custom tooling. Some gunsmiths have used CNC machinery to do custom work on 1911 pistols, but it’s not a simple process.


CNC milling of handgun parts, including 1911 pistol barrels, is a common practice in the firearms industry. There are many companies that offer CNC machining services for precision firearm parts, including barrels, slides, bolt carriers, etc. Additionally, individuals with the necessary equipment and expertise can also perform CNC machining of gun parts, as evidenced by various online resources and forums. It’s worth noting that using CNC machinery to produce gun parts requires adhering to strict quality control standards and, in the case of 1911 barrels, a high level of skill and experience.

We are a Chinese CNC machining company specializing in computer numerical control (CNC) machining, a manufacturing process that uses computer technology to guide equipment. This makes it possible to automate production processes and increase the output of industrial facilities. Our CNC machining shop provides services for the production of precision parts, including barrels, slides, bolt carriers and other firearm parts. We work with a variety of materials, including metals and plastics, and use a range of CNC-controlled machines, processes and robots to manufacture complex and precision parts. CNC machining is particularly valuable in rapid prototyping and low-volume production because it allows for rapid design iteration and customization without requiring extensive retooling.


The Best Solution for Manufacturing 1911 Parts

CNC machining of handgun parts, including 1911 pistol barrels, offers several advantages, such as:

  • High Precision and Greater Accuracy: CNC machining can create handgun parts that meet precise specifications without requiring the constant attention of a skilled operator. These machines rely on computer instructions to manufacture parts, eliminating human error and ensuring accuracy.
  • Faster, more efficient production: CNC machines can run extremely fast, enabling the production of handgun parts with tight tolerances and complex designs. They can operate 24/7, allowing for efficient production processes.
  • Minimizes waste: CNC machining is very efficient and minimizes material waste due to its precision and accuracy. These machines can handle precise cuts and angles without producing much waste, thus saving costs and reducing material wastage.
  • Versatility and design freedom: CNC machining can create complex geometries and intricate designs with minimal material waste. It offers greater design freedom and versatility in production options, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.
  • Consistent quality and replication: CNC machining ensures consistent quality across multiple parts and allows parts to be replicated thousands of times with minimal changes. This is vital to maintaining quality standards in firearms production.

Our company adheres to strict quality control systems and processes to ensure that firearm components are manufactured with care and precision.

We can manufacture handgun parts for you in various makes and models. The brand refers to the manufacturer of the pistol, and the model refers to the size and design. What makes us different? It all starts with our ability to offer custom machined handgun parts that provide superior strength and longevity. Our proprietary rifling process is done on a rifling machine that we design to ensure bore and groove dimensions are maintained to 0.0005-inch tolerance and do not vary with barrel length. This button rifling process produces a mirror finish of 4 to 6 microns. Every process from drilling and rifling to turning and milling is performed by our experienced machinists and gunsmiths.

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