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How to Calculate RPM in CNC Turning

The higher the speed of CNC Lathe, the higher the cutting efficiency, and efficiency is profit. Therefore, it is necessary to operate at the highest possible speed for cutting when conditions permit. So, How to calculate rpm in CNC turning?


What is RPM?

RPM is the abbreviation of Revolutions Per Minute, which means the number of rotations of the device per minute. For example, 60rpm means 60 revolutions per minute.

The speed of the CNC lathe is calculated based on the wire speed.

How to Calculate RPM in CNC Turning


where d is the diameter of the workpiece and n is the selected rotation speed.

The linear speed is the speed at which the tool tip moves on the workpiece. For example, if a workpiece with a diameter of 400 is turned on a lathe, the linear speed is required to be 80 meters per minute. Then one revolution is 400*3.14=1256mm. If it is 80 meters, it is 80000/1256. =63.7 turns.

This linear speed is obtained from the processing manual. There is no difference between different materials and different tools. Generally speaking, cast iron parts can reach 80 meters, and steel parts can reach about 40 meters. After checking, I will have an accurate value.

Before calculating RPM of CNC turning, make sure you have the correct cutting speed value for the specific material you want to process. Cutting speeds for various materials can be found in machining manuals, tool catalogs, or in specialized charts provided by the tool manufacturer.

It is worth noting that tool and machine specifications, machining conditions and operator experience all affect the optimal RPM value.


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