ABS Machining


ABS plastic is a “tough, hard and rigid” machining material with good comprehensive properties, cheap prices, and a wide range of uses.

Non-toxic, odorless, low water absorption

Easy surface printing, coating, and plating

Easy to cut, insulating


ABS plastic has good mechanical properties and molding processing properties, so it is widely used.

The ABS parts we manufacture have received praise from many customers, mainly in the following industries.

Automotive Industry

CNC machined ABS plastic parts are used in the automotive industry to manufacture protective bumpers, steering and suspension parts, drivetrain spare parts, interior trim, wheel covers, etc.

Electrical Industry

CNC-machined ABS plastic parts are used to make casings, insulators, computer keyboards, power plugs and power tool housings.

Medical Industry

CNC-processed ABS plastic parts are widely used in the medical field to manufacture nebulizers, compressors, pharmaceutical packaging, ultrasound equipment, drug delivery systems, laboratory equipment casings, etc.

Aerospace Industry

ABS is manufactured into aerospace accessories, such as pipe fittings, shells, enclosures, shelves, etc.


The process of machining ABS parts depends on the design of the drawing and the final use of the part. We usually use CNC turning centers, CNC mill machine, or mold to manufacture ABS plastic parts.

CNC turning ABS plastic

CNC milling ABS plastic

Plastic Molding Machining ABS

abs cnc machining


ABS plastic is one of the main materials for 3D printing. The reason why it can become a consumable material for 3D printing is its characteristics. ABS plastic has heat resistance, impact resistance, low-temperature resistance, chemical resistance, and excellent electrical properties. , product size stability, and other characteristics. ABS plastic is the most stable material among 3D printing materials.