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Austin CNC Machining Parts Manufacturer

Are you looking for Austin CNC machining company? Xi’an Hi Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. provides CNC machining parts services for Austin and its surrounding areas, the best CNC parts manufacturer, supporting OEM production, customized according to drawings, and free samples.



As the capital of Texas, Austin is also home to many industries. Many of these industries rely on CNC machining services to maintain their business operations. These include advanced manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, medical equipment processing, aerospace processing, machinery manufacturing and so on. Although the industries are different, they all need reliable precision machining services. CNC is the most popular precision machining method at present, the most cost-saving method for customized machining of non-standard special-shaped parts, and the best method for manufacturing high-precision parts with nearly zero tolerance.

Xi’ an Hi-Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. provides high-quality CNC machining services for customized parts for all walks of life around the world. We are proud to support local enterprises in Austin and enterprises all over the United States through CNC machining. Whether you are in the northeast of Austin, southeast of Austin, Landrock or Clarksville, if you are looking for a reliable customized metal processing company or numerical control processing shop in Austin, please take a look at Xi ‘an Hi-Precision Machinery Co., Ltd!



CNC turning is a precise and efficient cutting technology based on CNC lathe. When the cutting tool meets the rotating workpiece, the material is removed and the required shape is carved. In this process, the CNC turning center or lathe remains stationary, while the raw materials rotate rapidly.

CNC turning is specially used for machining cylindrical or elliptical parts because of its operation mode. However, it is not limited to this, it can also shape axisymmetric shapes.


CNC machining is an ideal process for producing customized parts with strict tolerances and high precision. The only potential drawback is that CNC parts typically require post-processing to eliminate tool marks and improve their surface finish for aesthetic and functional purposes. Proper surface treatment can improve surface roughness, appearance, and visual characteristics, wear resistance, and corrosion resistance of parts. We offer a wide range of surface finishing options, including smooth and fine machining, anodizing, polishing, sandblasting, wire drawing, black oxidation, chromate conversion coating, electroless nickel plating and powder coating, as well as many other more professional post-treatment niche industry application methods. Each surface treatment has its advantages and disadvantages, so choosing the appropriate surface treatment depends on several factors. It is important to evaluate how your parts will be used and in what environment to make the best decisions. Contact us for more information.

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