CNC Machining Auto Parts Service

We provide high-quality CNC machining auto parts services to buyers from various industries around the world. We are the real source factory, supporting OEM production and personalized customization services. We use CNC turning and milling machines to manufacture automotive components. CNC turning and milling is the most popular processing technology in the precision manufacturing industry. Contact us for free auto parts manufacturing solutions.

CNC Machining Service for Auto
CNC Machining Service for Auto
  • The automotive industry, especially modified cars, needs personalized manufacturing services. CNC machining can provide product design, prototype manufacturing and customized parts services for all types of cars.
  • Parts in the automotive industry often require ultra-high precision and have near-perfect dimensions. CNC machined auto parts can ensure the precision of the parts to the greatest extent.
  • The automotive industry requires small batch production. CNC machining can flexibly adjust the production method according to customer needs.
  • The automotive industry also involves product design and prototype manufacturing, all of which can be solved through 3D CNC programming and drawing.
  • Manufacturing parts for the automotive industry requires different materials. And CNC can process almost all metals and plastics.
CNC turning auto parts

Due to its mode of operation, CNC turning is often used to produce cylindrical or oval automotive parts. Such as screws, nuts, screws, brake discs, kingpins, steering gears, steering knuckles, ball pins, etc.

CNC milling auto parts

Due to its mode of operation, CNC milling is often used to produce automotive parts with special shapes and complex structures. For example, engines, engine assemblies, throttle bodies, cylinder blocks, tensioners, air suspension system parts, balance weights, steel plates, etc. .

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