CNC Machining Brass Parts


Assuming you have high requirements for product accuracy, CNC is definitely the best manufacturing method for precision brass parts. We use the following equipment to manufacture brass products for you:

CNC Lathe

CNC Milling Machine

Wire Cutting Machine

cnc turned brass knurling parts

brass knurled knob


Before starting mass production, we need to express your design concept by manufacturing prototypes, and use this to judge whether our manufacturing results meet your requirements.


After the preparation work is completed, we start mass production. As a source factory, we expect large batch orders but also support small batches. In general, the production process takes about 15 days.


Before shipment, all brass parts must pass quality inspection before they can be packaged and shipped. Our quality inspection is divided into multiple steps and can effectively screen out 99% of defective products.

knurling brass cnc turned parts


Brass is one of the most commonly CNC materials and is often used to make valves, pipes, connecting pipes, and various components. It is widely used in the medical, electronic, and engineering industries.

Good Cutting Performance

Higher Intensity

Corrosion Resistance


There are many methods of manufacturing brass parts, such as stamping, pouring, and CNC machining. So why we recommend you use CNC machining to produce brass parts:

High Precision

Automated Manufacturing

Customizable Appearance


Why Choose Our Brass Machining Services?

There are many companies around the world that provide brass processing services, but the CNC manufactured brass parts services we provide you not only include customized processing, but also include dozens of optional finishes, free samples, fast logistics, and reliable after-sales Serve.

Everything Is Customizable

The custom processing brass parts service we provide you not only includes customizable part design and appearance, but also laser engraving of your brand LOGO, product model, etc.

Surface Treatment

Surface treatment for CNC brass parts: electroplating, laser engraving, knurling, etc.

Free Samples

You can request about 1~5 samples from us without any charge.

Pack and Ship

By default, the inner packaging is pearl cotton, air column bags, etc., and the outer packaging is in cartons. Express Company defaults to UPS or DHL. If you need designated packaging or express delivery, please contact us.

After-Sales Service

After you receive the goods, if there are any problems with product quality, please contact us in time and we will actively deal with it.