CNC Machining Steel Fabrication

XI’AN HI-PRECISION MACHINERY CO., LTD provides customized processing metal parts services online. We use CNC machining technology to manufacture various precision non-standard components. Steel is a metal material that can be used for CNC machining. We use CNC machine tools to manufacture steel into any simple or complex parts. If you need CNC machining steel fabrication service, please contact us for manufacturability feedback.


We use CNC technology to manufacture a wide range of steel parts for various industries around the world. Steel parts are most commonly used in automotive, industrial, construction and manufacturing. A variety of precision-machined steel parts are found in nearly every car, truck, bulldozer and crane. When your project requires precision, that means you have to use CNC manufacturing. Overall, steel is a versatile CNC material that can be used to create millions of different parts.

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