Custom CNC Milling Services for Savannah

CNC Milling for Savannah

Savannah is a city in southern Georgia, United States.

We provide custom CNC milling services to individuals, businesses, government for Savannah. Any simple or complex custom design can be made in our 5-axis CNC milling shop. Provide fast CNC milling prototype, small batch CNC milling processing and high volume CNC milling production, all orders come with long-term after-sales service. Simply upload a CAD file to our website and get pricing, lead times and manufacturability feedback on your designs within hours of custom milled parts. Our available milling materials include metals and plastics, carbon fiber and more, plus we support flexible production and shipping options to meet your needs at the perfect price and product development stage.

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Why Choose us to Milling Parts in Savannah

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Figure 1 shows a corner of our production workshop. We have fully automatic CNC processing equipment and excellent CNC programming talents, which can meet the wholesale parts needs of Savannah customers. At the same time, we support OEM and customized production. For customized CNC milling parts, our company has a large number of successful cases available for reference.

Figure 2 shows our quality certification management certificate-ISO9001:2015. Our factory has a mature quality management system to ensure that the parts produced are qualified, stable and usable.

Figure 3 takes you up close to visit our core inspection equipment – Coordinate Measuring Machine, CMM. The function of a coordinate measuring machine is to quickly and accurately evaluate dimensional data and provide the operator with useful information about the status of the production process, which is very different from all manual measuring equipment. By placing the measured object in the three-coordinate measurement space, the coordinate positions of each measuring point on the measured object can be obtained. Based on the spatial coordinate values of these points, the geometric size, shape and position of the measured object can be obtained through calculation.

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