High Volume CNC Machining Service from China

High Volume CNC Machining Service

High-volume machining places high demands on the manufacturing capabilities and efficiency of CNC workshops. Our CNC machining workshop in China covers an area of tens of thousands of square meters, has hundreds of available CNC special machines, and thousands of experienced CNC programmers and operators. Our company accepts high-volume parts machining orders from all over the world and manufature them expedited.

Mass production means that a product is produced in large batches, and one assembly line produces parts of one type all the time. High-volume is a relative concept, defined according to the demand characteristics of the product. Large-volume CNC machining requires tooling; such as milling fixtures, grinding fixtures, turning fixtures, drill fixtures for fitters and other special fixtures. During mass production, we mainly consider process arrangements such as fast clamping and reducing waiting time, such as making some tooling and fixtures that can increase speed.

How to ensure product accuracy in large-volume CNC machining?

At present, the more common processing method in the CNC machining industry is the trial cutting method. The trial cutting method involves trial cutting – measuring the size – adjusting the cutting amount of the tool – cutting – trying cutting again, and so on until the required size is reached. This method can ensure that the error is within a reasonable control range, but it is more cumbersome and has low production efficiency. It is mainly used for single-piece and small-batch production. In large-volume automatic production, CNC machining centers can achieve the purpose of ensuring batch processing accuracy by pre-adjusting the relative positions of machine tools, fixtures, workpieces and cutting tools to obtain the required dimensions. So what processes need to be adjusted in advance to ensure machining accuracy?

  1. Improve the rotation accuracy of the bearing. High-precision rolling bearings, multi-oil wedge dynamic pressure bearings, and static pressure bearings can be selected. At the same time, the accuracy of bearing accessories is improved, such as improving the machining accuracy of the box support hole and the spindle journal, so that the spindle rotation accuracy is not reflected on the workpiece;
  2. Reduce transmission chain movement errors. The transmission system should maintain a small number of transmission parts, a short transmission chain, and high transmission accuracy. The closer the transmission pair is to the end, the smaller its transmission ratio should be; the accuracy of the end piece should be higher than that of other transmission parts;
  3. Reduce tool wear. Machining tools should be re-sharpened before the rapid wear stage, and special cutting oil should be used for full lubrication. The tool material should meet the process requirements;
  4. Control thermal deformation of the process. The CNC machining center is a high-speed cutting processing equipment that generates a large amount of heat during the processing. The heat source should be reduced and isolated, and a heat treatment process to eliminate internal stress should be added.

The biggest advantage of high-volume CNC machining is that the automated work attributes of CNC machining improve production efficiency, shorten processing time, increase delivery speed, and ensure that product accuracy is not affected.

Our company provides large-volume CNC processing services to enterprises and individuals from all walks of life around the world. We can produce qualified products according to the accuracy required by customers, and support OEM customized production and free samples. Contact us today for a quote.