Invar CNC Machining Services and Application

what is Invar?

Invar, also known as low expansion alloy, is an iron-nickel alloy with low thermal expansion coefficient. The composition of this alloy is 64% Fe and 36% Ni. It has a face-centered cubic structure. Its grade is 4J36. Its name is Invar alloy, which means that the volume does not change and it is also called non-expansion steel.

CNC Machining Invar Services:

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Invar can be machined using CNC turning and milling methods, but special care must be taken to avoid cracking and warping. Invar alloys are expensive and difficult to process. CNC tool materials are required to have the characteristics of good heat resistance, high wear resistance, and low affinity with the workpiece material. Therefore, high speed steel and cemented carbide are generally used. In addition, it has been found in practical applications that using coated tools can also achieve better processing quality.

applications of CNC machining invar:

  1. in aviation. Due to its high strength and low expansion properties, Super Invar can tightly control the clearance between the rotating and stationary parts of the engine. Improve energy input and output efficiency. High strength increases the strength-to-density ratio of the alloy to reduce aircraft take-off weight.
  2. In the aerospace field. Super Invar alloy has better resistance to hydrogen environment embrittlement than current high-temperature alloys, especially resistance to atmospheric high-pressure hydrogen embrittlement, and can be used for components serving in hydrogen environments in rocket engines.
  3. in low temperature stable materials. FeNi32Co4 can also ensure tissue stability at -273°C. This ensures measurement accuracy under extreme temperature conditions. As low-expansion alloys, structural stability is required, and this super-Invar alloy is well adapted to this requirement.
  4. The American Carpenter Company has developed a super Invar alloy called “carpenter super invar32-5” and has used it in ion resonators. This alloy not only has the characteristics of low expansion coefficient of super Invar alloy, but also has high thermal mass, which can effectively improve the working performance of lasers. This is a solid solution alloy with a relatively low thermal expansion coefficient in the range of -55℃~-95℃.
  5. Timing device. Super Invar is used for the pendulum of the timing device to minimize the effect of temperature. Timing devices require very high precision, and Super Invar can improve this to a very high level.

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