Precision CNC Turning

1. What is precision CNC turning?
Precision CNC turning is a high-precision, high-efficiency machining method that controls the turning tool to cut on the workpiece through the CNC system. Compared with traditional manual turning, precision CNC turning has simple operation, high precision, and can realize complex machining operations.

2. What is the purpose of precision CNC turning?
Precision CNC turning is widely used, mainly in high-end manufacturing fields such as aviation, aerospace, semiconductors, medical equipment, and automobiles. In these fields, parts with high precision and complex shapes need to be manufactured, and precision CNC turning can achieve high-precision processing.

3. Operation process of precision CNC grinding machine turning parts:
(1) Determine the drawing design and technical requirements of the parts, program writing and equipment setting.
(2) Install the workpiece, fix its position through the fixture, and set the tool and machine working parameters at the same time.
(3) Through the NC programming instructions, let the NC machine tool control the tool trajectory to realize the cutting process of the workpiece.
(4) During the processing, the processing accuracy and surface quality of the parts are detected in real time, and the equipment is adjusted and optimized.
(5) After the processing is completed, carry out quality inspection, surface treatment and other processing techniques on the processed parts, and make records.

In short, precision CNC turning technology is currently the most advanced and widely used mechanical processing method in the field of high-precision parts processing. It can achieve complex shapes and high-precision processing requirements. It is essential for manufacturing companies in various industries. a means of manufacturing.