What is CNC machining?

CNC machining is a manufacturing process that uses computerized controls and machine tools to remove layers of material from a stock piece and produce a custom-designed part. The process can be used to control a range of complex machinery, from grinders and lathes to mills and CNC routers. CNC machines are essentially automated machines that are operated by computers executing pre-programmed sequences of controlled commands. CNC machining is widely used in various industries, including automotive, aerospace, construction, and electronics, because of its advantages such as low labor costs, high productivity, and precise complex shapes manufacturing.

CNC Machined Parts/Components

The CNC machining products displayed in this category are parts that require multiple manufacturing processes. Their production process not only involves CNC lathes and CNC milling machines, but also includes other manufacturing processes such as wire cutting, mold injection molding, and die-casting.
CNC machined parts/components are made of different materials, and these sophisticated CNC products are usually made of metals and plastics. The most representative metals include: aluminum, steel, copper, and titanium; the most representative plastics include: ABS, POM, PP, and acrylic. In addition, a special material is included: carbon fiber.

The vast majority of CNC machining examples are very complex and require certain accuracy. Although the CNC turning and milling process can solve most of the technical problems, it still cannot cover everything. Precision manufacturing not only refers to CNC machining, but also includes 3D printing, sheet metal, etc. Only CNC machined products are displayed here.

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