Brass CNC Turned Components Copper Sleeve Pagoda Joint

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The “Brass CNC Turned Components Copper Sleeves Pagoda Joint” displayed on this product page is a pre-sale product. If you need to customize the processing of brass non-standard parts, please click “Contact Us” on the product page and send your drawings to our email for manufacturability feedback. Once we confirm your order, you can receive free samples within 7 days.

Not only are brass CNC turned components highly accurate, they can also be customized to your needs. Both quantity and design can be produced according to your needs. The minimum order quantity is usually 10 pieces. After an order is placed, the factory starts making samples, which can be produced in about a week. After you confirm the sample, we will start formal batch processing and usually ship the goods in about 10-20 days. Express companies use UPS or DHL by default. Brass can withstand high temperatures without losing its shape or strength. This makes it an ideal material for hot water systems and other high-temperature applications. Brass has excellent machinability, and the mechanical properties of this alloy are high strength and high tensile strength. This allows us to machine any simple or complex brass part easily and accurately. And brass CNC machining can produce high-quality parts at low cost. Efficient production speeds also contribute to cost-effectiveness. Brass CNC machining does not inject any harmful gases or chemicals into the environment. This is a zero-waste process as remaining materials can be recycled with 100% efficiency. Overall, brass is a popular CNC machining material due to its excellent machinability, corrosion resistance, and electrical conductivity. It offers several advantages, including high-speed machining, excellent tool compatibility, versatility, cost-effectiveness, heat resistance and green machining.

We are a professional manufacturer of CNC machining parts, supporting customized processing of various complex and precise metal non-standard parts. We use manufacturing processes such as CNC machining, forging, stamping, and molds to manufacture parts for various industries. In the field of custom machining, our factory has approximately 10 years of rich experience. We have powerful 3-axis, 4-axis, and 5-axis CNC machining centers, as well as experienced CNC technicians who can start helping you find the best manufacturing solution at any time, saving your budget, and ensuring production quality. Add our technicians as your friends and get feedback on quotes, delivery times, and manufacturability. Whatsapp:+86 18991129810

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