CNC Car Hub Parts Aluminum Alloy Variable Diameter Ring

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The aluminum alloy CNC car hub parts in this product is the center ring of the hub center hole variable diameter ring, which is 54/56.1/57.1/60.1/64.1/66.6/67.1 to 73.1 degrees. The aluminum alloy is forged, and CNC processed, and the product has high accuracy. The variable diameter ring, also known as the center ring or center ring, serves to locate and fix the hub, ensuring that the center of the hub coincides with the center of the shaft head. The degree of connection between the wheel hub and the axle is directly related to driving safety, and it is not safe to fix the wheel hub to the vehicle body with just a few screws. The function of the nut screw is to fix the position of the wheel hub and the vehicle body, while the weight of the vehicle body is borne by the perfect combination of the wheel hub reducer and the axle head. Because the center hole of many modified wheel hubs is larger than the original car, some car enthusiasts forget or do not add a center ring after modifying the hub, resulting in serious shaking of the body during high-speed driving (this situation should be checked promptly to see if it is due to the lack of installation of the variable diameter ring, which causes the gap between the hub and the axle). Because without the installation of variable diameter rings, the weight of the vehicle is supported by screws and nuts, and long-term driving can cause screw deformation, posing a major safety hazard.


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