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80mm Flat Burr Stainless Steel

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This product shows you our capabilities in manufacturing grinder burr parts. We are a stainless steel parts CNC machining supplier in China. Our company has introduced a large number of advanced CNC machine tools to improve our metal manufacturing capabilities. We provide outsourcing parts production services to various industries. This product is an 80mm flat burr we produce for the Savannah coffee machine manufacturer. We have manufactured various types of grinder burrs for many companies around the world, and these burrs are almost always used on coffee machine grinders. The grinders produced by CNC machine tools have high burr precision, sharp saw teeth, stable material performance, and durability. They are the best choice for many coffee machine manufacturers.

Please appreciate the details of the 80mm flat burrs we manufactured below:

cnc flat burrs for coffee machinecnc flat burrs


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