CNC Turned 464 Brass Parts Insert Nut For Sale


Material: 464 Brass
Tolerance: 0.02mm
Machining Method: Milling,Turning,Grinding…
Test Machines: 3-coordinate measuring device, calipers, etc.
Applications: Automotive, Medical, Aerospace, Electronics, etc.
Acceptable Drawing Formats: STEP, CAD, JPEG, PDF, PNG,etc.

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This is CNC Turning Brass Services provided by private limited company, this Machined Formed Brass Nuts are cheap and ideal for bulk orders. 464 Brass is also known as “Navy Brass” because it is often used in marine environments. It has extremely high corrosion resistance, good strength, good hardness, fair machinability, and excellent galvanizing resistance. 464 Brass is well suited for hot forming and hot forging applications. Also, it’s easy to solder and braze, but only rated for fair soldering. It is commonly used in marine hardware, wear plates, bushings, fasteners, condenser tubes and, in fact, cannons.

CNC machining is very suitable for producing customized non-standard parts. If you need our CNC machining services, please leave your contact information:

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