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Custom CNC Milling Parts SATcomtEk PCB Circuit Board

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We use CNC turning and milling machines to provide you with customized PCB circuit board services. This is a rectangular black copper circuit board customized for the SATcomtEk brand. The specific model and brand of the circuit board and other relevant information are printed on the surface through laser engraving technology. If you are also interested in CNC milling PCB, please contact us.

The Process of CNC Milling Pcb Circuit Board:

CNC milling is a process used in printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturing to remove areas of copper on the board to create the required circuitry. The process involves drilling, milling and cutting using a CNC milling machine. Here are the steps involved in CNC machining methods for circuit board manufacturing:

  • Design: Create PCB schematics and layouts using PCB board design CAD tools.
  • Printing: The PCB design is printed onto a film that will be used to transfer the design to the copper clad board.
  • Milling: Using a CNC machine to remove areas of copper from a circuit board to create the desired circuitry. The milling process can also be used to remove copper from the circuit board surface, a process called isolation milling.
  • Drilling: Drilling holes in the board where components are to be mounted.
  • Plating: Applying a thin layer of metal (usually copper) to the walls of a drilled hole to create a conductive path between the layers.
  • Solder Mask Application: Apply a layer of solder mask to protect copper traces and prevent solder bridges between components.
  • Screen printing: Printing component labels, logos and other information onto the board.
  • Test: Test the electrical continuity and functionality of the circuit board.

CNC milling is a fast-turnaround circuit board production process that delivers high-quality boards without the need for wet processing. The process is highly efficient and requires no exposure to hazardous chemicals.

satcomtek sct300b pcb

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