Delrin CNC Milling Parts Square Valve Block

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We provide delrin CNC milling parts processing services to buyers from various industries around the world. Providing precision parts manufacturing services to various industries is our company’s main business. Our CNC milling machine equipment is a machining center with a tool magazine, which is very suitable for ultra-high-speed cutting and ultra-precision machining. The CNC machining center has the functions of a milling machine, a boring machine, and a drilling machine, making the process highly concentrated and production efficient. Our company is a true source of precision parts manufacturing, supporting OEM production, customized processing, laser engraving of your brand logo, etc. This product shows a plastic valve block that we manufacture using CNC milling technology.

Delrin is a plastic that can be used in CNC machining. Delrin is a semi-crystalline engineering-grade thermoplastic that is widely used in CNC manufacturing of high-precision parts. In general, Delrin offers impressive dimensional stability and sliding performance. It is known for its high strength, wide operating temperature range, and excellent mechanical properties.

CNC milling is a subtractive manufacturing process in which computer-controlled cutting tools gradually remove material from a workpiece to create the desired shape or object. This process is accomplished using a machine called a CNC mill. It is the most widely used machining method, others include CNC turning. The cutter is the removable part of the CNC milling machine that performs the milling action. Tools used for CNC milling often have multiple cutting points. This is because, during milling, the tool moves perpendicular to its axis of rotation. There are various types of cutting tools, which vary according to material, form, number of grooves, and position of the cutting edges. The tool chosen for the milling process depends on the material to be milled. Delrin can be machined with hard steel tools, similar to aluminum and copper. Delrin CNC milling parts produce the best machining quality at low feed rates and high cutting speeds. Delrin milling requires a single-flute mill to prevent heat build-up and low chip clearance. Delrin’s drill holes accept standard twist drills. The drill’s ground leading edge is ideal when drilling acetal resin, which can be modified by changing the lip angle.

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