ODM CNC Milling Parts Milling Aluminum Copper

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We are a CNC machining company with advanced CNC machine tools and a strong team. We provide ODM CNC milling parts manufacturing processes to buyers in various industries around the world. ODM means that our company designs and produces products according to your specifications. The biggest advantage of this is that it reduces your time in product development. ODM is different from pure OEM manufacturing. ODM manufacturers will have their own research and development technology and design and even formed products. CNC milling refers to the process of manufacturing parts on a CNC milling machine. The advantage of CNC-milled parts is their ultra-high precision and surface finish. CNC milling parts have strong adaptability and flexibility in parts processing. CNC milling parts can process parts with particularly complex contour shapes or difficult-to-control dimensions, such as mold parts, shell parts, etc. CNC milling an aluminum or copper panel only takes about a few minutes. ·

CNC milling flat parts refer to parts that are milled on a CNC milling machine. The characteristic of these parts is that the processed surface can be parallel to the horizontal plane, perpendicular to the horizontal plane, or at a fixed angle to the horizontal plane. Planar parts are the simplest type of parts in CNC milling. Generally, they can be processed using only the two-coordinate linkage of a three-coordinate CNC milling machine.
CNC milling machines can perform various processing, such as drilling, boring, tapping, contour milling, plane milling, plane cavity milling and milling of three-dimensional complex surfaces in space. The vast majority of parts processed on CNC milling machines are planar parts. Most of these parts are automotive panels and mechanical product parts. They have the characteristics of many curved surfaces, high smoothness, complex structure and shape, large size, and high precision requirements.

CNC milling is one of the most commonly used processing methods in mechanical processing. It mainly includes plane milling and contour milling. It can also drill, expand, ream, boring, countersinking and thread processing on parts.

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