Polycarbonate CNC Milling Parts Black Spacer

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We provide polycarbonate CNC milling services to buyers across various industries across the globe. This product shows a black spacer machined by a CNC mill. CNC milling is the appearance, precision, size, etc. of the parts manufactured according to your drawings. Therefore, we can not only manufacture such spacers but also customize other non-standard plastic parts. Polycarbonate is also called PC plastic. Polycarbonate used for CNC processing is usually modified to improve its molding performance, reduce residual deformation, and increase flame retardancy. We are a real source manufacturing factory for plastic parts, and our machines are capable of manufacturing any high-precision plastic parts. They run very fast, allowing us to deliver the part quantities you need in a timely manner to meet your production schedule. Our CNC machining shop supports OEM production, laser engraving of your brand logo, optional finishes, and more. Our state-of-the-art CNC turning and milling equipment and experienced CNC operators are waiting for your call. Just send us your samples or CAD drawings and order delivery will be completed within 15 days. Contact us for free technical support.

Application of CNC Machining Polycarbonate Parts

  1. Equipment. It is used to manufacture various gears, racks, worm gears, worms, bearings, cams, bolts, levers, crankshafts, and ratchets, and can also be used to make parts such as casings, covers, and frames of some mechanical equipment.
  2. medical equipment. It can be used as cups, tubes, and bottles for medical purposes, as well as dental instruments, pharmaceutical containers, and surgical instruments, and can even be used as artificial organs such as artificial kidneys and artificial lungs.
  3. Electronic appliances. Polycarbonate is an excellent E (120°C) class insulating material, used to manufacture insulating connectors, coil frames, tube holders, insulating sleeves, telephone casings and parts, battery casings for miner’s lamps, etc. It can also be used to make parts with high dimensional accuracy, such as optical discs, telephones, computers, video recorders, telephone switches, signal relays, and other communication equipment. Polycarbonate films are also widely used as capacitors, insulating leather bags, audio tapes, color videotapes, etc.
  4. other aspects. In construction, it is used as hollow rib double wall panels, greenhouse glass, etc.; in the textile industry, it is used as textile yarn tubes, textile machine bearings, etc.; in daily use, it is used as milk bottles, tableware, toys, models, LED lamp casings, and mobile phone casings.

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