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Precision CNC Turning Carbide Steel Parts Internal Thread Ring

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The “Precision CNC Turning Carbide Steel Parts Internal Thread Ring” displayed on this product page is a pre-sale product. If you need precision CNC turning carbide steel parts, please click “Contact Us” on the product page and send your drawings to our email for manufacturability feedback. Once we confirm your order, you can receive free samples within 7 days.

Hard alloy is an alloy material made from hard compounds of refractory metals and bonded metals through powder metallurgy process. One or more types of carbides and alloys composed of bonded metal drills are often called hard alloys. Precision parts processing plants cannot do without hard alloys.

In the process of turning hard alloy components, the hardness of the tool itself must be higher than the hardness of the workpiece being processed. Therefore, currently, the tool materials for turning hard alloy components are mainly high hardness and high heat resistant non-metallic adhesives CBN and PCD (diamond).

CNC lathes are also commonly used processing equipment in mechanical machining workshops. Its processing scope covers all rotating parts. Due to the highly developed CNC technology, complex shaped rotating bodies can be easily achieved through programming, and machine tools can automatically replace tools, greatly improving production efficiency. The machining accuracy and manufacturing technology of CNC lathes are becoming increasingly sophisticated, and there is even a trend of replacing grinding with turning. Commonly used to process circular inserts, support heads, positioning rings and other parts in molds, it is widely used in pen molds and bottle mouth molds.

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