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The excellent performance of PEEK plastics is mainly reflected in the following aspects:
1. High temperature resistance – PEEK has a high glass transition temperature and melting point (334C), which is one of the reasons why it can be reliably applied in applications with heat resistance requirements. Its load thermal deformation temperature is as high as 316 ℃, and its continuous usage temperature is 260 ℃.
2. Mechanical properties: PEEK is a plastic that balances both properties and rigidity. Its excellent fatigue resistance to alternating stress is outstanding among all plastics, comparable to alloy materials.
3. Self-lubricity – PEEK has outstanding sliding characteristics among all plastics, suitable for use with strict requirements for low friction coefficient and wear resistance. Especially PEEK with a certain proportion of carbon fiber and graphite mixed and modified has better self-lubricating performance.
4. Chemical resistance (corrosion resistance) – PEEK has chemical resistance. In typical chemical drugs, only concentrated sulfuric acid can dissolve or break it, and its corrosion resistance is similar to nickel steel.
5. Flame retardancy – PEEK is a highly stable polymer that can achieve high flame retardant standards without the addition of any flame retardants.
6. PEEK has excellent resistance to recording and peeling, making it possible to make thin coated wires or electromagnetic wires that can be used under harsh conditions.
7. Fatigue resistance – PEEK has excellent fatigue resistance among all resins.
8. Irradiation Resistance – The ability to withstand Y radiation is very strong, surpassing the best radiation resistance among general resins, such as polyene. It can be made into high-performance wires that can maintain good insulation ability even at a y radiation dose of 1100Mrad.
9. Hydrolysis resistance – PEEK and its composite materials are not affected by the chemical effects of water and high-pressure water vapor, and products made from this material can still maintain good characteristics when continuously used in high-temperature and high-pressure water.


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