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Stainless Steel CNC Turning Parts Thin Walled Cylinder

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Stainless steel CNC machining services for sale online. We are the best stainless steel CNC turning parts manufacturer in China. This product showcases the latest CNC turned stainless steel thin-walled parts. We provide one-stop OEM CNC machining customized parts services to buyers around the world. With just a 3D drawing, we can create the product you want for you.

Types of Thin-Walled Cylindrical Parts

CNC machined thin-walled cylindrical parts have a very wide range of applications, but are often used in mechanical engineering and are called pressure vessels. Pressure vessels are specially designed containers for storing high-pressure fluids. They are used to move fluids from one place to another through pipes to meet a variety of needs. Thin-walled cylindrical parts can be classified according to their geometric shape, with the most common shapes being spherical, conical and cylindrical. Here are some types of thin-walled cylindrical parts:
– Thin Wall Pressure Vessels: These are cylindrical vessels or shells which may be thin or thick depending on the thickness of the plates in relation to the inner diameter. Thin-walled pressure vessels are often used in industry for the transportation and storage of gases and liquids.
– Bobbins: These are thin-walled cylinders made by wrapping wire around a mandrel and then removing the mandrel. Boiled tubing is used in the construction of boilers, heat exchangers and other pressure vessels.
– Aircraft landing gear components: These are thin-walled cylindrical structures used in aircraft landing gear. They are designed to withstand high loads and stresses during landing and takeoff.
– Topology Optimized Trusses: These are thin-walled cylindrical structures designed using topology optimization techniques. They are used in the construction of lightweight, high-strength structures such as bridges and buildings.
Stress in thin-walled cylindrical parts is an important consideration in their design. When a thin-walled cylinder is subjected to internal pressure, hoop stress and longitudinal stress will occur on the wall. Hoop stresses act circumferentially and perpendicular to the axis and radius of the cylinder wall, whereas longitudinal stresses are caused by forces along the cylinder axis.

It is worth noting that not all thin-walled cylindrical parts are processed by CNC. The processing method of the parts is affected by many factors. Therefore, if you want to mass-produce similar parts and are not sure what processing method to choose, , then seek technical support from us. All you need is a sample or a drawing, and we will help you achieve your goals quickly.

stainless steel cnc turning parts thin walled cylinder

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