Steel Prototype CNC Machining

Machining Methods

CNC turning, milling, wire cutting, mold machining…

Minimum Order Quantity

The minimum order quantity should be no less than 10 pieces.

Tolerances & Quality

The tolerances are subject to your requirements. Product quality follows ISO9001 standards. We will conduct 100% quality inspection of all goods before shipment.

Machinable Materials

Metal: aluminum, copper, brass, steel, stainless steel, titanium, and other precision metal alloys, etc.; Plastic: acrylic, nylon, ABS, etc.; carbon fiber.

Optional Finishes

Anodizing, electroplating, sandblasting, polishing, brushing, etc.

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Here Are Some Tips for CNC Machining Steel Prototype:

  • Choose the right material: Steel is a common material for CNC machining, but there are many different types of steel, and different types of steel have different machining properties. It is important to choose the correct type of steel for your specific application to ensure the best results. Some common types of steel used for CNC machining include stainless steel, mild steel, and tool steel.
  • Optimize the appearance of your part: When designing steel prototype, consider the limitations of the CNC machining process. For example, sharp corners and deep cavities can be difficult to machine, so it’s best to avoid them if possible. Also, try to minimize the number of tool changes required, as this increases machining time and cost.
  • Use the right cutting tools: Cutting tools used to cnc machining steel prototype should be made of high-speed steel or carbide because these materials are able to withstand the high temperatures generated during the machining process. Additionally, CNC cutting tools should be sharp and properly maintained to ensure the best results.
  • Consider surface finish: Steel prototypes can benefit from a variety of surface finishes, such as anodizing or chromate plating. These surface treatments improve the appearance of the part and provide additional protection against corrosion.
  • Work with experienced CNC prototyping experts: CNC machining is a complex process that requires specialized knowledge and expertise. Working with an experienced CNC prototyping expert can help ensure your steel prototype is machined to the highest standards and meets your specific requirements.

Our company provides high-quality prototype manufacturing services, using technologies such as CNC turning, milling and wire cutting to produce the prototypes you need within hours. Contact us to discuss detailed CNC machining prototyping service details.The pictures below show cnc machining steel prototype, perhaps the details of the pictures give an idea of our CNC machining capabilities.

cnc machining steel prototypes

cnc machining steel prototype
Steel prototype machined by CNC machine

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