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Titanium CNC Turning Parts Free Sample CAD Drawings

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The ‘Titanium CNC Turning Parts Free Sample CAD Drawings’ displayed on this product page are pre-sale products. If you need Titanium CNC turning parts, please click “Contact Us” on the product page and send your drawings to our email for manufacturability feedback. Once we confirm your order, you can receive free samples within 7 days.

Titanium CNC machining is a popular process for manufacturing precision parts using titanium. Titanium is a commonly used metal in CNC machining projects. It is used in various applications, such as jewelry, airplanes, power plants, medical equipment, missiles, and so on.

Titanium is a lightweight, sturdy, durable, and highly corrosion-resistant metal. It has excellent toughness and hardness, as well as low friction coefficient and wear resistance.

In CNC turning of titanium, the workpiece rotates and the tool sends away the material, converting it into the desired geometric shape. The high mechanical strength and toughness of titanium require a slower turning speed. The high rotational speed of the workpiece can lead to the formation of pits and grooves. In addition, excessive heat can also lead to the formation of chips.
Cutting fluid can minimize temperature rise, so please use appropriate coolant.
Fine grained hard alloy cutting tools are the preferred choice for CNC turning.
It is recommended to consider 15% to 20% of the blade diameter when selecting the cutting depth.

The CNC machining of titanium has various advantages, such as excellent dimensional accuracy, complex shapes, cost-effectiveness, fast delivery time, high strength to weight ratio, and so on.

Titanium has chemical inertness and biocompatibility, making it suitable for medical applications. The high precision of medical implants and surgical equipment can be achieved through CNC machining. Some typical medical applications of titanium include bone growth stimulators, spinal fusion devices, bone plates, orthodontics, and prosthetic body parts.

Due to its impact resistance and durability, titanium is widely used in sports and luxury cars. It is used for frames, fasteners, silencers, exhaust pipes, engine valves, load-bearing springs, etc.

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