Small Batch CNC Machining Customization Service


Small batch CNC machining customization

Need 10 or 10,000 custom machined parts? We have the ability and experience to provide efficient custom machining services for your small batch CNC machining projects at reasonable prices.

What is small batch CNC machining customization?

Small-batch CNC machining customization usually refers to the CNC machining manufacturer providing corresponding services according to the number of products required by customers and individual manufacturing needs, but at the same time, it is necessary to ensure product quality, punctual delivery and cost-effectiveness. The benefits of CNC machining align well with the low-volume production requirements of custom parts, including precision, repeatability, and process flexibility, as well as a wide choice of materials, all of which help get your product to market faster.


Why do we provide small batch CNC custom machining services?

  • CNC custom machining is ideal for special order needs, especially when small quantities of parts are required, or irregular lead times and batches;
  • Turn to custom machining when there are special requirements for parts that cannot be obtained in time from existing catalog suppliers;
  • When high-precision, high-quality parts are required, as well as special machining processes and accurate repeatability, CNC custom machining is a reliable choice;
  • While you are waiting for production molds or die casting molds to be manufactured, pre-production with CNC custom machining can bring products to market as early as possible.

Small batch CNC machining customization service

Precision, quality, affordable prices, and any batch and quantity. Our team is always responsive to accommodate all your needs.

Small Batch CNC Custom Machining Shop Recommendation:

Xi’an Hi-Precision Machinery Co., Ltd has advanced CNC machining equipment and flexible production methods, from simple milling or turning parts to complex and precise 5-axis CNC machining, from prototype plastic machining to precise metal machining, We offer a comprehensive combination of benefits. Our custom tool shop remains operational 24/7 for optimum efficiency, quality and process control throughout production from programming development to machining to post-processing. Our in-house production capabilities coupled with the ability to integrate external manufacturing resources allow us to provide a quick turnaround to meet any of your custom machining needs. That’s why we are able to provide you with small batch CNC machining customization services.


Our small batch CNC machining customization service:

  • Processing methods: milling, turning, five-axis machining, EDM and wire cutting, surface grinding;
  • Surface treatment: Class II, class 1 (natural color) and class 2 (black) anodizing treatment; class I, class II chromate; powder coating; electroplating; spray paint silk screen;
  • Material: metal materials include aluminum alloy, steel and stainless steel, bronze and brass; plastic materials include ABS, PC, acrylic, nylon, POM, PEEK and PEI;
  • Testing equipment: three-coordinate measuring instrument, 3D scanner, a full set of measuring equipment, surface roughness tester, hardness tester, etc.

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