Learn About Five-Axis Machining Center and Service Factory

What Is Five-Axis Machining Center?

The five-axis machining center is also called the five-axis simultaneous machining center. It is a machining center with high technological content and high precision specially used for machining complex curved surfaces. Equipment, high-precision medical equipment and other industries have a decisive influence. The five-axis linkage CNC machining center system is the only means to solve the processing of impellers, blades, marine propellers, heavy generator rotors, steam turbine rotors, large diesel engine crankshafts, etc.

The workflow of the 5-axis machining center:

Like other CNC machines, 5-axis CNC milling machines rely on computer instructions. The machine’s programmed instructions control the motion of the cutting tool and workpiece. The 5-axis machining process begins with the creation of a 3D CAD model of the desired component. After this, the CAD model is exported into CAM software, which converts it into a computer program (G-code). G-code contains the instructions for the CNC machine. It contains toolpaths created from the geometry of the desired part. These instructions control the movement of the cutting tool along the linear axes (X, Y, and Z). It also controls the orientation of the table along the axes of rotation (A and B) to create the desired part. The process allows 5 sides of a workpiece to be machined in one clamping. As a result, it saves manufacturing time and costs, helping you bring products to market faster. Note, however, that the speed and direction of movement depends on the type and configuration of the 5-axis machine.

What is 5-Axis CNC Machining Services?

5-axis CNC machining is a mode of CNC machine tool processing. Using the linear interpolation motion of any 5 coordinates in X, Y, Z, A, B, and C, the processing method with 5-axis linear interpolation motion provided by the CNC machining company is called 5-axis CNC machining service. Perhaps it will be helpful for you to learn about our 5-axis CNC machining services.

How to find a 5-axis CNC machining factory?
  • Find 5-axis CNC machining factories online. In the Internet age, 5-axis CNC machining factories can be easily found through online searches. Nevertheless, we still recommend that you search for relevant keywords through Google browser to find the source factory. Tongshuo 5-axis CNC service website has an in-depth understanding of the factory’s 5-axis CNC machining capabilities.
  • Looking for 5-axis CNC machining factories offline. Open your Google Maps and other similar GPS software, search for the keyword ‘CNC MACHINING’, you can see the CNC machining factories near you, and then consult one by one through the above contact information.
  • Find a five-axis machining factory through people around you. The easiest way is to talk about five-axis machining factories with your friends and relatives, and try to get more information about five-axis machining factories from them.

It is worth noting that many companies claim that they have 5-axis CNC machining machines in their factories, but in fact their 5-axis CNC machines are fake 5-axis CNC machines. For how to judge the true and false 5-axis CNC machine tools, please refer to: https://cncpart.online/our-cnc-machining-services/5-axis/

Summary: 5-axis CNC machining is just a CNC machining mode. Although it has many advantages, the price of 5-axis CNC machining is usually more expensive than that of ordinary CNC turning and milling. Therefore, unless the part design you want to process is very complicated, otherwise 5-axis CNC machining is not recommended.

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