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Should I Choose Low-Volume or High-Volume CNC Machining?

This is an article written for cnc machining parts buyers. Before starting to choose, you should first figure out what is low-volume CNC machining? What is high-volume CNC machining?

Low-Volume or High-Volume Cnc Machining

Low-volume CNC machining(also called ‘small batch cnc machining’) refers to CNC machining with a small number of products produced each time. The process setting is relatively simple, and the characteristics of adapting to the individual needs of customers are more obvious. Generally speaking, the production quantity of low-volume CNC machining ranges from dozens to hundreds.

High-volume CNC machining refers to CNC machining with a large number of production, relatively stable production cycle, relatively high production efficiency and lower unit cost. The production quantity of typical high-volume CNC machining can reach thousands or even tens of thousands.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of low volume CNC machining and high volume CNC machining?

Low volume CNC machining and large batch CNC machining have different advantages and disadvantages for the needs of different stages of production.

The advantages of low volume CNC machining are:

1. Strong flexibility and adaptability. Can quickly adapt to changes in customer needs and provide customers with personalized product manufacturing services;

2. The process setting is simple and the production cycle is short. Due to the small number of products, the adjustment of processing parameters is correspondingly simple, and the production cycle is also short, which can meet customer needs faster.

However, low volume CNC machining also has some disadvantages:

1. Low equipment utilization. Since equipment adjustments are required for each production, the equipment capacity cannot be fully utilized;

2. The production efficiency is relatively low. Limited by the production efficiency of low volume production itself, it cannot be compared with large-scale batch production.

The advantages of high-volume CNC machining are:

1. High production efficiency and low cost. Since the processing equipment can run continuously, the processing parameters are stable, no need for multiple adjustments, the production efficiency is high, and the cost is relatively low;

2. High equipment utilization. After one adjustment, a large number of products can be produced continuously, and the equipment capacity can be fully utilized.

However, high-volume CNC machining also has some disadvantages:

1. The ability to respond to customized needs is weak, and the production cycle is relatively long;

2. The operation is difficult, requiring high precision equipment and high skill requirements for operators during processing.

To sum up, low volume CNC machining and high-volume CNC machining have their own advantages, and enterprises can choose according to their own product characteristics and market demand.

To sum up, both small-volume CNC machining services and large-volume CNC machining services have their own advantages. Depending on factors such as production volume, cycle time, and cost, there will be different production methods, equipment, and processes between small-batch and large-batch CNC machining, and you can choose according to your actual situation. Xi’an Hi-Precision Machinery Co., Ltd is the most professional CNC machining manufacturer in the world, providing CNC turning, small batch CNC milling, wire cutting and other processing parts services online. In addition to producing precision metal or plastic parts for you in batches, we can also provide you with The project provides a solution for custom parts and helps you draw CAD drawings for free. If you are interested in us, please contact us through the website.