Precision parts are usually processed on demand according to project requirements. If you need small batches cnc machining custom service on a regular basis or your business scale is between individual pieces and batches, then our small batch CNC milling service production method is very suitable for you. . Next, I will take you to understand what is included in the small-batch CNC milling service we define?

What types of parts are suitable for small batch CNC milling:

Planar parts. The characteristics of planar parts are that the processing surface can be parallel to the horizontal plane, perpendicular to the horizontal plane, or form a fixed angle with the horizontal plane; most of the parts processed on the CNC milling machine are planar parts, and planar parts are The simplest type of parts in CNC milling processing generally only needs to be processed by two-axis linkage or three-axis linkage of a three-coordinate CNC milling machine. During the machining process, the machined surface is in surface contact with the tool, and end mills or bull nose cutters can be used for both rough and finish machining.

Surface Parts. The characteristic of curved surface parts is that the processing surface is a spatial curved surface. During the processing, the processing surface and the milling cutter are always in point contact. Surface finishing is mostly carried out with ball end milling cutters.

Xi’an Hi-Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. is a Chinese company specializing in small batch CNC milling. Our company’s milling machines include horizontal milling machines, vertical milling machines, gantry milling machines, profile milling machines, universal milling machines, and bar milling machines. Milling refers to the use of rotating multi-blade tools to cut workpieces and is a highly efficient machining method. Milling is generally carried out on a milling machine or a boring machine, which is suitable for processing planes, grooves, various forming surfaces (such as splines, gears and threads) and special surfaces of molds.

Small batch CNC milling includes two types:

  1. A single product is produced in small batches. That is, the same part is produced in small quantities on demand.
  2. Multiple products are produced in small batches. That is, different parts are produced in small quantities in the same batch as needed.

Advantages of small batch CNC milling:

  • Milling can complete the prototype manufacturing within a few hours, and the small batch production prototype can help you verify whether the design concept of the project is correct, so as to pave the way for subsequent mass production, avoid mass production of wrong products, save project budget, and reduce trial and error costs ;
  • CNC milling makes custom designs relatively easy, and custom or prototype CNC machining is often used for smaller quantities during new product development (NPD). New CNC machining and custom manufacturing technologies enable customers to utilize CNC machining for prototyping. This means that CNC machined prototypes can be made early in the design process, providing a functional prototype with the same look, feel and function as the final product;
  • Productivity is high because CNC milling operations rely more on computer operating systems than manual work and capabilities. It ensures higher levels of productivity through automated, precise manufacturing operations. Computer programs are also able to optimize aspects such as cutting speed, sequence of operations and material usage in a highly intelligent and efficient manner.
  • Reduce material waste. CNC milling technology also helps to determine the best machining process and tools before cutting to reduce material waste and internal scrap. And various machinable materials.

Who can benefit the most from small batch CNC milling production?

Individuals or SMEs working in the following industries can get the most out of small batches of CNC milling:

  1. Automotive – processing extruded metals into transmissions, cylinder blocks, axles, valves and other components for the automotive industry;
  2. Aerospace – machining fuel access panels, fuel flow components and landing gear components;
  3. Medical – Surgical instruments, orthotics, electronic housings and implants for the medical industry;
  4. Robotics – The robotics industry has strict standards for the accuracy and precision with which parts are manufactured, making CNC machines indispensable because they are able to meet tighter tolerances;
  5. Consumer Goods – CNC machining is very effective for the design, development, prototyping and manufacturing of consumer goods such as toys, home appliances, consumer electronics, packaging prototypes and more.



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