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CNC Machined Rifle Brass Parts

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We provide custom brass parts services to buyers in various industries around the world. This product showcases CNC machined rifle brass parts. CNC machining of firearm parts can customize the appearance, accuracy, size, etc. of the manufactured parts according to your drawing design. We can not only manufacture gun parts but also various non-standard metal parts for other purposes. Because we are a true source factory, our machines are capable of manufacturing high-precision parts. They also run extremely quickly, allowing us to deliver the component quantities you require in a timely manner to meet your production schedule. Our CNC machining shop supports OEM production, laser engraving of your brand logo, optional finishes, etc. Our advanced CNC turning and milling equipment and experienced CNC operators are waiting for your call. Just send us your samples or CAD drawings, and the order delivery will be completed in about 15 days. Contact us for free technical support.

There are several different methods of manufacturing gun parts. The most popular methods include casting, injection molding or CNC machining. Guns must withstand tremendous pressure and force. However, the casting process can make gun parts too fragile to withstand this level of wear and tear. The advantages of CNC machined rifle brass parts include extremely high quality, precision, durability, and tight tolerances. CNC machining also provides fast and efficient production, reduces material waste, and delivers more accurate and consistent results compared to traditional methods. Additionally, CNC machines can handle difficult angles and difficult-to-cut materials, resulting in increased productivity and cost savings. Brass is not the only CNC material that can be used for rifle parts manufacturing, there is also aluminum, steel, titanium, etc. CNC machining is the best process for customizing gun parts and is also the choice of most gun buyers.

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