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CNC Machined Shaft Small Metal Spline Shaft Coupling

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CNC Machined Shaft

A CNC-machined shaft is a rotating element whose length is greater than its diameter and is produced using a CNC turning-milling process. The CNC machining process involves feeding a rod of material held in a chuck and rotating it while a tool is fed into the workpiece to remove material and create the part. Shafts can be made from a variety of materials, from titanium to plastic. The outer circumferential surface accuracy of the shaft is required to be relatively high. However, the accuracy of the inner hole of the hollow shaft is generally not very high. The production and processing routes of shafts of different precision and materials are different, but generally include material preparation, forging, normalizing, drilling, rough turning, semi-finishing turning, finishing, quenching, grinding, and secondary surface processing. CNC machined shafts are used in a variety of equipment and applications, and our company specializes in manufacturing custom shaft CNC machining. Especially small shaft parts such as metal spline shaft couplings displayed in this product. If you need custom shaft parts, please contact us for the lowest CNC machining quote.

CNC machined shafts can be divided into different types based on their structure, shape, and length-to-diameter ratio. According to, the types of shafts are:
– Smooth shaft
– Step shaft
– Hollow shaft
– Special-shaped shaft (including crankshaft, camshaft, eccentric shaft, and cross shaft)
The length-to-diameter ratio of a shaft can also be used to classify it into three categories:
– Rigid shaft (L/d < 15)
– Flexible shaft
– Slender shaft (L/d > 15)

Please refer to the large picture to appreciate the details of small metal shaft:


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