CNC Machined Wheel Spacer 6061 Aluminum

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We are a professional CNC machining factory. We provide turning, milling, drilling, tapping, boring, laser cutting, stamping, casting and other manufacturing processes of a variety of materials to manufacture various precision non-standard parts for various industries. This is a CNC machined wheel spacer, the raw material used is 6061 aluminum. CNC machining is the dominant manufacturing method in today’s environment, and can go from prototyping to volume production in a matter of days. CNC machines are computer-controlled electromechanical devices that create prototypes that resemble uploaded CAD files and have tight tolerances. Various operations such as milling, turning, taper, drilling, etc. can be done using CNC machines. Wheel spacers are installed at the connection between the wheel hub and the base. Their function is to increase the distance between the two coaxial wheels, allowing the wheels to expand outward and make the car more stable when turning. Of course, the main purpose is to increase the wheelbase when changing wheel hubs or calipers to solve the problem of wheel lining rubbing when turning, or to add spacers to make the wheel hub and fenders flush and look more beautiful. CNC machined wheel spacer are not only precise and of stable quality, but they also look high-end even without surface treatment.

Because CNC machines create parts from CAD designs, they can handle any possible geometry and design on computer software. Therefore, the CNC machining process allows the creation of complex shapes using various machining operations such as milling, turning, drilling, welding, etc. CNC machining is suitable for all walks of life. It makes parts (including but not limited to wheel spacers) for nearly every industry in the modern economy. You might think that using CNC machines to make parts is expensive, but that’s not the case. CNC machining does not require the use of too many operators and can complete various tasks in a shorter time than traditional methods, thereby reducing processing costs. However, it may cost more to produce less of the same product. But for volume manufacturing needs, it is always the most cost-effective manufacturing method.

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