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Cheap CNC Machining Aluminum Bracket


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Aluminum is a popular material choice for CNC machining applications due to its good physical qualities. It is strong and suitable for use on mechanical parts, and its oxidized outer layer resists corrosion caused by the elements. These advantages make aluminum parts popular across a variety of industries; however, they are especially popular in the aerospace, automotive, healthcare, and consumer electronics sectors.

Common surface treatments for aluminum:

Mechanical finishing: As opposed to a single technique, mechanical finishing involves a variety of processes used to modify the surface of aluminum parts. Sandblasting, grinding and polishing are common examples. Instead of using chemicals, mechanical force and abrasive media are used to smooth the surface of the aluminum. This can make it look better or prepare it for another finishing step.

Anodizing: Anodizing is a process commonly used to improve the wear and corrosion resistance of aluminum products. It can also provide other desirable benefits, such as enhanced heat dissipation and color acceptance. Unlike coatings and paints, anodizing does not apply an external product to the exterior of the aluminum. Instead, electrochemical methods are used to induce the naturally occurring aluminum oxide coating to thicken. This protects the aluminum underneath from the surrounding environment and allows it to absorb the dye. However, the color options for anodizing are less than those for powder coating.

Powder Coating: Many product designers choose powder coating for vibrant, long-lasting color and good UV resistance. The aluminum parts are cleaned and prepared, and then dry paint powder is sprayed onto the aluminum surface with an electrostatic gun. The powder-coated aluminum pieces are then baked, causing the coating to melt and solidify into a smooth surface. Powder coatings are not as durable and hard as anodized aluminum, but they provide a great appearance and excellent corrosion protection as long as the coating remains intact. Powder coatings are also less harmful to the environment than liquid coatings, which use solvents, including volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

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