Plastic CNC Machining

Xi’an Hi-Precision Machinery Co., Ltd is the best CNC machining company in China, providing CNC machining plastic parts service online. We produce custom non-standard plastic parts for aerospace, medical, electronics and other industries, which are often not available in the market.


Plastic CNC Machining Services:

Plastic CNC turning service. We are an experienced CNC turning parts supplier, manufacturer, exporter who have been providing the best OEM plastic CNC turning services to manufacture target parts such as washers, bolts, shafts, spacers, with superior quality and low cost, Sleeves, joints, fittings, studs, etc. The types of plastics we can use for CNC turning include but are not limited to ABS, POM, PE, PP, etc. Our company provides custom plastic part turning services to businesses and individuals in various industries around the world. Send your inquiry or drawings to get a quick quote for plastic turning.

Plastic CNC milling service. CNC milling can be used to machine prismatic plastic parts. Milling cutters with a rotating cylindrical cutter head and multiple flutes are often called end mills or end mills. They can move along different axes and are used to process narrow spaces, grooves, outer contours, etc. Our company provides precision CNC milling plastic services to companies or individuals around the world.

CNC Turning Milling plastic parts:

Our plastic CNC machining service is the process of machining plastic blanks using CNC turning and CNC milling. CNC machining is an efficient and precise method of creating plastic prototypes and producing plastic parts. We provide CNC machining services for different plastic materials. We also offer a variety of finishes. Our CNC machines are equipped with a wide range of cutting tools that allow us to manufacture plastic parts with tight tolerances and complex designs. We can also add features such as threads, holes and slots to your plastic parts.

There are many reasons why our CNC turn-mill plastic technology is superior to other competitors.

Our factory is equipped with 5-axis CNC turning centers and 5-axis CNC milling machines, as well as experienced CNC programmers and machine operators. Whether you need to cut small or large parts, our CNC machines are up to the job. Not only that, our company also provides injection molding parts service.

If you are looking for a cnc machining plastic parts factory, or you have questions related to CNC machining plastic, contact us to get a free solution immediately.