Precision CNC Machining Services for Georgia

Xi’an Hi-Precision Machinery Co., Ltd is a small CNC machining company and we proudly provide precision CNC machining services to Georgia. By working with us, you can not only get high-quality customized non-standard parts, but also save your budget to the greatest extent. Our CNC machining capabilities excel in batch manufacturing parts and custom non-standard parts. Whether simple designs or complex designs, our team can always deliver results that satisfy our customers.



CNC machining is compared to traditional manual machining. Both methods can be used to manufacture parts, but the difference is that CNC machining not only has higher production efficiency and better product quality than traditional machining, but the entire process is automated production, and there is almost no need for manual intervention during the operation.

Whether it is efficiency, precision, process reliability, or high-precision parts manufacturing, CNC machining has absolute advantages.


  • We provide CNC turning services to Georgia and the surrounding areas. CNC turning is a controlled machining process used to produce cylindrical parts. The entire process of CNC turning parts takes place on a CNC lathe. CNC turning can be programmed to complete rough machining, semi-finishing, finishing and other processes in sequence, and is suitable for processing rotary parts such as shafts and discs.
  • We provide high precision CNC milling services to Georgia. We provide high precision CNC milling services to Georgia. CNC milling has ultra-high machining accuracy and can achieve precision machining of complex parts. At the same time, CNC milling machines can implement a variety of processing operations, such as milling, drilling, boring, etc., and are suitable for processing workpieces of various shapes. Our CNC milling equipment has functions such as automatic tool change, enabling continuous processing and high production efficiency.
  • We provide wire EDM services to Georgia. Through computer-assisted automatic programming software, CNC wire cutting can easily process complex parts that are difficult or impossible to process with general cutting methods, such as dies, etc.

Our CNC machining services in Georgia can be used in almost any industry. But currently, our trading orders mainly come from the following industries:

  • Aerospace Accessories
  • Modified Car Accessories
  • Medical Device Accessories
  • Electronic Optical Equipment Accessories
  • Food Industry Accessories

Check out the variety of CNC machined parts we made for our customers in Georgia.

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